The Papercuts Anthology: What Happened Here, Volume 1

Boston's newest independent bookstore, Papercuts J.P., celebrates one year of bookselling and author events through a compilation of new and collected works by the authors who visited the store in its first year. With a mix of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, What Happened Here showcases writing by New York Times bestselling authors as well as local Boston icons. 

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"My new favorite book, from my new favorite bookstore." ―Jesse Andrews, author of the New York Times bestsellers Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and The Haters

"All authors are indebted to independent bookstores for the lifeline they provide to readers and communities―not over Twitter or Instagram, but face-to-face. Kate and Katie are heroes for keeping this relationship vital, and this compilation is further proof of their commitment to curating and championing interesting authors of all stripes and their work. Long live the little bookstore that could." ―Cheryl Della Pietra, author of Gonzo Girl

"Kate Layte and Katie Eelman have created a bookstore, an event space, a community place, and What Happened Herecelebrates Papercuts first year and is an effort to mark, with something physical now: an incredible anthology. and tangible and take-homeable, the magic moments that happen at author readings and events. Luckily for us it is still happening. And it smells like paper and glue and sweat and wine and ink. Some scent of brick, wet wool, smoke, espresso. It smells like a movement... like my favorite kind of revolution. It is a revolution of excitement, of books, of enthusiasm, of quitting your job and following your dreams. The book is born from the buzz of Papercuts first year of events and it positively vibrates." ―Steven Salardino, manager of Skylight Books (Los Angeles, CA)

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