January 20, 1017

Staff Pick_January_John_Shock Doctrine.jpg

by Naomi Klein

This classic of anti-capitalist literature reveals the pattern of violence in countries that impose Milton Friedman-inspired economic policies. It's a modern history of people in power taking advantage of vulnerable populations in the wake of catastrophes and political upheavals. It's both eye-opening and disturbing. It's, unfortunately, a roadmap for the Trump administration’s extreme deregulation and privatization policies. The new administration has even referred to the planned barrage of executive order reversals, new executive orders, and new laws in the first week as “Shock and Awe.” 

—John Cleary, bookseller

edited by Dennis Johnson and Valerie Merians

This book, pulled together in a flash by Melville House publisher Dennis Johnson, is a necessary read today and for the next four years. While it's impossible to know what the future holds, why not be prepared? Read advice from Gloria Steinem, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, George Saunders, Cornell William Brooks, and other activists about how to stand up for your values in Trump's America. 

—Katie Eelman, media + events

Homesick For Another World.jpg

by Otessa Moshfegh

Remember how much we couldn't shut up about how much we loved EILEEN? Otessa Moshfegh is unstoppable. I'm confident HOMESICK will be one of the best story collections of the year.  Her clear prose casts a spell that leaves you enthralled, even if slightly uncomfortable. Know you are in the hands of a master when you open this one.  

—Kate Layte, owner + manager